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Julia Wysokowsky

Clinical Psychologist.  Psychological Psychotherapist

My offer of individual therapy is aimed at everyone considering treatment with a multidimensional and deep approach to mental health. I work psychodynamically  according to the guideline procedure of depth psychologically founded psychotherapy.

Online Psychotherapy

The main advantage of online psychotherapy lies in the fact that they are not tied to a specific location and the therapeutic work can be maintained through changing environments, across different locations and time zones.

Psychological Counseling

Psychological counseling is aimed at people in challenging situations who  do not have a mental disorder but want support. Consultations can be held digital or by phone, as well as in my private practice.


I work with social work and mental health teams, using a "consult the consultant" supervision method to foster cooperation with clients' target groups, promoting self-understanding and team development through understanding oneself and others.

My approach


There can be many, completely different reasons for the thought of considering psychotherapy:  From a life or work crisis, a  seemingly insurmountable stroke of fate up to behavioral problems or even permanent, severe mental disorders. At the same time, the decision to start psychotherapy is initially quite difficult for many, because  is mental suffering  subjective and it  are hardly universally valid  or clearly measurable  criteria. I would like to support and accompany my patients on the path to greater self-understanding.


Self-reflection, self-knowledge and self-expression in one's own life are important goals of my therapies.


I work according to the guideline procedure of depth psychology-based psychotherapy with a  Integrated approach of helpful therapy methods.  Effective psychotherapy is cross-school, individualized and multi-perspective. It always takes place in the here-and-now.

About me

My name is Julia Wysokowsky,

I am a clinical psychologist and certified psychotherapist  in the guideline procedure of depth psychology and psychodynamic therapy. In treatment and counseling, my main focus is on the individual concerns of my counterpart.

 I offer a specialized mental health treatment within the context of individual therapy - supporting you through challenging times and life crises.

My therapy sessions are offered in English, German and Russian.

How I can support you

My psychotherapy private practice specializes in the most common physical health and life conditions shown to have a great influence on life satisfaction, such as:






There is a space between stimulus and reaction. In this space lies our power to choose our response. Our development and our freedom lie in our reaction.

Viktor Frankl

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Office Locations

​​Location Berlin
Zionskirchstrasse 35
10119 Berlin
  • U8 Rosenthaler Platz, approx. 5 minutes by foot

  • M12, M1 Zionskirchplatz, 1 minute walk

​Location Lisbon

Rua Dom Pedro V 60
1250 - 094 Lisbon​
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