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According to your  contact  I will try to offer you an appointment for an initial consultation as soon as possible. In this introduction session, we will work on identifying the issue that has brought you to treatment, your individual requests for change and which therapeutic procedures, in which time frame would be realizable. The first interview also serves to get to know each other personally. Depending on the conditions of your health insurance, it may be necessary to send a detailed application for psychotherapy to your insurance company after five sessions. 


Basis of billing for  Privately insured persons and beneficiaries  is the fee schedule for psychological Psychotherapists  or the  Schedule of fees for doctors .

It is mandatory, before the initial consultation, to inquire with your insurance company or your aid agency whether and to what extent psychotherapeutic services are covered and reimbursed.   

My practice is run as a "out-of-system" and purely private practice. Therefore a billing through the public health insurance in my practice is only possible exceptionally. Please clarify the steps required in each individual case with your health insurance company in advance.

Privately insured patients


As a privately insured patient, you will receive an invoice at the end of the month, which you will include with your  private health insurance or with the aid and be able to get reimbursed. As a rule, the private health insurance companies or the subsidy agencies cover the costs of psychotherapy. The scope of the reimbursable benefits and the application formalities depend on your individual insurance contract. It is therefore best to inform yourself  in advance  with your health insurance company or aid agency about your specific contractual conditions with regard to outpatient psychotherapy.



Self-paying patients


If you decide to pay for the therapy yourself, you do not have to go through any further formalities in order to start the therapy. The sessions for self-payers are calculated according to the official fee schedule for psychotherapists (GOP).

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