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My approach

There can be many, completely different reasons for the thought of considering psychotherapy : From a life or work crisis, an apparently insurmountable stroke of fate to behavioural problems or even permanent, severe mental challenges. At the same time, the decision to start psychotherapy is initially quite difficult for many, because emotional suffering is always subjective and there are only few generally applicable or clearly measurable criteria.

 The clarification of the often unconscious causes of a symptom can lead to an improvement of the psychological complaints and opens the possibility of a more conscious lifestyle, better decision making and more satisfying relationships. Based on my clinical and therapeutic background and trauma research, my approach integrates evidence-based interventions and interpersonal psychotherapy. With a clinical background ranging from private practice to psychiatric hospital therapy and cross-cultural environments, I am experienced in working with all age groups and people with diverse cultural backgrounds. Effective psychotherapy is cross-school, individualized and multi-perspective. It always takes place in the here-and-now.

Psychotherapie Wysokowsky Couch und Beistelltisch
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