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Individual psychotherapy

In my practice I offer individual psychotherapy on a deep psychological and psychodynamic basis. Individual therapy takes place  once a week  online or in my private practice. Depending on the concerns and complaints, treatment can last from several months to two and a half years.


The psychodynamic understanding of the origin, maintenance and resolution of psychological suffering is characteristic of psychotherapy based on depth psychology. It pursues the idea of investigating the cause. Only through understanding the individual life and relationship experiences can the current situation be understood and changed over the long term. The clarification of the often unconscious causes of a symptom can lead to an improvement in the psychological complaints and offers the possibility of a more conscious lifestyle.

The focus of my therapeutic work is on building a trusting working relationship that offers a secure framework for the sensitive processes of psychotherapy.

The reason to start psychotherapy is usually a more or less profound disturbance of one's own being-in-the-world. In addition to its symptomatic expressions in the form of fear, depression, addiction or burn-out, disorders can fundamentally be understood as relationship disorders. Relationship in this sense includes not only the relationship to the other, but also the relationship to oneself that can never be separated.

In the context of a deep psychological approach, it is assumed that the painful relationship patterns in the form of familiar fears, wishes or conflicts will also manifest in the relationship with the therapist. Only by activating these patterns in the here-and-now of the therapeutic relationship is it possible to learn to consciously perceive them and, together with the therapist, to make one step behind them and understand the dynamic. This is a prerequisite for being less entangled in automatically running destructive patterns, but rather to make them understandable in the therapeutic process considering the background of one's own life story. This makes it possible to be able to relate to them more freely and, if desired, to supplement or replace them with new alternative patterns that are more conducive to one's own well-being in the present. The goal of the therapeutic process is increasing autonomy and personal responsibility.


Typical reasons for starting deep psychological therapy are: self-esteem disorders, transitions, depression, anxiety, finding purpose, personality disorders, borderline disorders, burn-out, compulsions, sexual and psychosomatic disorders, life crises.

My therapeutic approach is based on the experience that effective and individualized therapy is only possible with multiple perspectives from both theory and experience. In order to be able to offer you a variety of helpful perspectives, I am convinced that it is essential to think outside the box of your own therapeutic procedure or your own school, in whose basic assumptions you can get entangled as well as in a long-term dysfunctional relationship.

Regardless of the direction and perspective, effective therapy always takes place in the here-and-now. 

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