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Online Psychotherapy

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced internet-supported online appointments to the range of services offered by psychological psychotherapists. Online psychotherapy is similar to traditional face-to-face therapy in terms of content, verbal and non-verbal communication, transference/countertransference, and unconscious emotions. The approach in online therapy sessions remains the same as in face-to-face treatments, aiming to increase self-awareness and strengthen the capacity to engage with the world.


Digital therapy sessions can complement ongoing therapeutic treatment or psychological counseling and are a scientifically proven alternative to traditional practice settings. Advantages of online appointments include being not tied to a specific location and no need to travel to and from the hotel. Study results show that online psychotherapy has similar positive effects as traditional face-to-face treatments, especially for depressions and anxiety disorders. A sustainable therapeutic alliance can be developed online, rated by patients as supportive, stable, and individual. Online psychotherapy is already part of standard care in countries like Canada, USA, Great Britain, Sweden, and the Netherlands, with more to follow.

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