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individual psychotherapy

I work psychodynamically according to the guideline procedure of depth psychologically founded psychotherapy. People initiate individual treatment to discuss different aspects of their lives and explore difficulties they may be having in adequately managing or solving the  challenges they are encountering. Sessions may be scheduled from one to two days per week, with greater frequency allowing for more in-depth treatment. My offer of individual therapy is aimed at all privately insured persons, self-payers and legally insured persons who want to seek financing through the reimbursement procedure. 

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online psychotherapy

The main advantage of online appointments is that they are not tied to a specific location and that there is no need to travel to and from the site. Digital therapy sessions can efficiently supplement ongoing therapeutic treatment or psychological counseling as well as they can be a scientifically proven alternative to the classic practice setting in phases of physical absence (eg during work-related stays abroad, vacation, quarantine obligations and crises).  If you are an expat and / or do not live in Berlin, online psychotherapy can be carried out entirely digitally.

psychological consultation

A consultation, usually three to ten  Sessions, can serve as a first step in identifying, exploring, and addressing the issues that prompted the initial contact with a psychologist. For many this is often their first experience with a mental health professional. I see my role as encouraging a person to tell their story, understanding what is said, and understanding the person who says it. A consultation can be used as a springboard for further services or as a focused brief intervention, which can provide sufficient resolution at that moment. Further services, which go beyond three or ten sessions, can be provided by me or, if needed, a referral to a trusted colleague will be provided.


As  a supervisor, I work with teams that are involved in social work. The supervision method acts as "advice for the consultant" indirectly on the cooperation with clients. It promotes understanding of oneself and others and aims to stimulate personal development.

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