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Psychotherapy & Counseling



I am a clinical psychologist and a certified psychotherapist providing treatment in german, english and russian. After receiving my masters in clinical psychology from the University of Potsdam and University of Zurich I continued my training at Psychologische Hochschule Berlin on depth psychology and psychodynamic theory and practice. I am a certified psychotherapist since September 2020 with 6 years of experience in clinical psychotherapy and psychiatry.

Currently I am working as a therapist remotely and in my private practice in Berlin Mitte. I offer individual psychotherapy, online psychotherapy and  psychological counseling. I aim to support people  in challenging times, to find purpose, new ways of thinking and living and restore meaning in their life.  Within my academic research I was focusing on trauma relates disorders, prevention methods for PTSD, interpersonal psychotherapy, intercultural therapy and transgenerational transmission of anxiety disorders.


My approach


My approach to therapy is primarily psychodynamic, always individual and integrative in nature. In my practice I take the time to listen closely to your needs and tailor our sessions to meet you where you currently are. Through our work together we will move towards greater understanding of your past and its impact on your life today, this depth of work allows for greater self acceptance and more control over the decisions you make in your life. Our sessions will be spent working to increase your self awareness while strengthening your capacity to fully engage with the world. Together we will expand your window of tolerance by unpacking the feelings and thoughts that bring you discomfort, leading to a more authentic and comprehensive experience of yourself.


The provision of a non-judgmental and a supportive work alliance with the people I work with is central to my work.  I want to provide the best opportunity I can for people to express their thoughts and feelings openly and freely so that we can develop a greater understanding of their concerns.  In both psychotherapy and psychoanalysis,  I contribute to the process and view our work as a collaboration.


I have extensive experience working with: interpersonal and relationship problems, couple counseling, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, mood disorders, bipolar disorders, personality disorders, substance abuse, obsessive compulsive disorders and dissociative disorders.

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Qualifications And Experience




2020 Certified Psychotherapist from Psychological University Berlin

2014 Master degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, University of Potsdam and University of Zurich

2011 Bachelor degree in Psychology, University of Potsdam

2010 - 2011 research fellow at the Department of Psychology, University of Tel Aviv




since 2020 Psychotherapist with private practice in Berlin Mitte

2016 - 2020 Psychotherapist at the ambulance of Psychological University Berlin

2017 - today Psychology consultant and supervisor for non-profit organizations

2016 - 2018 Clinical Psychologist at Humboldt Klinik, Berlin

2015 - 2016 Clinical Psychologist at Charité, Berlin

2014 - 2016 Clinical Psychologist at Klinikum am Urban, Berlin



English, German, Russian

Payment &  Insurances

Private pay,  Private insurance


The remuneration for individual therapy is based on the current fee schedule for psychotherapists (GOP) on the basis of the fee schedule for doctors. According to this, a psychotherapy session based on depth psychology is charged at € 92.50 per 50 min.

Privately insured patients


As you know it as a privately insured patient, you will receive an invoice at the end of the month, which you can submit to your private health insurance company or to the allowance and have it reimbursed. As a rule, the private health insurance companies or the subsidy agencies cover the costs of psychotherapy. The scope of the reimbursable benefits and the application formalities depend on your individual insurance contract. Therefore, it is best to find out about your specific contractual conditions for outpatient psychotherapy in advance from your health insurance company or aid office.


Self-paying patients


If you decide to pay for the therapy yourself, you do not have to go through any further formalities in order to start the therapy to be able to begin. The sessions for self-payers are calculated according to the official fee schedule for psychotherapists (GOP).

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